Quality Assurance (QA) is the process of providing confidence that an item, service, or process meets specified requirements. QA is an ongoing process that provides confidence that all products and services meet customer needs and expectations.

QA is important because it helps ensure the safety of our buildings – and if you have ever been in a house or building that was not built well, you know how scary it can feel when there are cracks in walls or floors that let cold air into your home during winter months.

Good QA practices help make sure buildings don’t fall down on us while we’re in them…it’s not a small responsibility!

There are many different types of QA programs but the most common type involves three steps:

Quality Assurance Programs also provide benefits such as:

QA refers specifically to monitoring processes in order to ensure they’re functioning as intended so that customers receive a quality product or service both during the whole process and at the end!

Without it, there’s no way for BCA’s to know whether or not their services are functioning properly, which can be quickly identified with a good customer complaints process!

So how can we ensure that the process of QA is being done properly within your BCA?

Continuous Improvement says there are always more to be identified but some basic and universal ways are:

The world of building is vast and complex. Building projects are a massive undertaking, and they must adhere to strict standards. QA will help you ensure that your project adheres to the highest standards.

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