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BuiltReady is a voluntary offsite manufacturer certification scheme that has been designed to support innovative and efficient building methods, giving consumers more building choices and reduced building and consenting times and costs.

BuiltReady is suitable for offsite manufacturers based in New Zealand and overseas that design (where relevant), manufacture, assemble, transport and install modular components.

A modular component that has a certificate that was issued by a registered manufacturer must be accepted by Building Consent Authorities as meeting the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code when used in accordance with details on the certificate.

BuiltReady is a voluntary modular component manufacturer scheme that shows a manufacturer designs (where applicable) and manufactures modular components that comply with the New Zealand Building Code. For more information see the MBIE website or Building Act 2004, Sections 272272ZJ.

BuiltReady is supported by a robust legislative framework which outlines the roles and responsibilities of scheme parties and the steps an organisation needs to go through to become involved in the BuiltReady scheme.

The BCA’s have up to 10 working days from the date of acceptance to either issue or refuse your BuiltReady application. They may need to contact you for further information on aspects of your application during the assessment process.

If this is the case, they will ‘stop the clock’ and will not continue processing your application until they receive the requested additional information. They will ‘restart the clock’ and continue assessing your application when they receive the information.
For more visit How Built Ready Works on the MBIE website.

  • Follow the process for a normal building consent and put together the required documentation.
  • A completed copy of the Building Consent Application Form (Form2), including the project value for the whole project, not just the site-specific portion.
  • A copy of the Modular Component Certificate, which will show any applicable conditions and limitations.
  • A statement addressed to the BCA (your local Council) stating that the design for which the Building Consent is being sought:
    • Complies with the approval issued by MBIE, and
    • Meets all the conditions and limitations of the Modular Component Certificate for the proposed site.
  • A complete copy of the plans and specifications to which the approval relates. These will bear MBIE’s approval mark and will include any relevant approved customisations.
  • Any technical information, calculations, and design Producer Statements or other evidence needed to establish the Building Code compliance of the building’s site-specific features (if applicable)
MBIE has published further information about BuiltReady on their website, including the benefits, how to apply and the assessment process. Click here to view the MCM Register For further information on the BuiltReady scheme please see the MBIE Website.