Inspection Checklists

Inspection Checklists

All the Councils in the Waikato Building Consent Group use these checklists to assess the compliance of building work. These checklists are available for you to use as part of your own quality checks to ensure all the required work is compliant with the approved Building Consent documents.

Why use our Inspection Checklists

You can: Save time for yourself and Council by checking that you are ready for inspections. All items on the checklist must be compliant with the approved Building Consent documentation (plans and specifications) in order for the Building Officer to pass the inspection.

Save money by being prepared as additional costs and time delays will apply for repeated inspections. Check that any required documentation is accurate and complete. Better manage your brand/reputation by avoiding failed inspections and rework that costs time and money for all involved.

Prepare for legislative changes such as Risk-Based Consenting by developing your own quality system. Practice by checking your own work against inspection outcomes. Prepare for every inspection. Pass every inspection.

If you are providing a Producer Statement please check that you have provided adequate information. Your Producer Statement will be checked against the Producer Statement Checklist.  If this information has not been provided, your Producer Statement will be rejected until you provide all the required information. Save time, save money, get it right the first time, and get it right every time!

For more on booking an inspection, being ready for an inspection, the procedure, smoke alarms, final inspection and CCC, and when to occupy a building please refer to the section on Inspection and Certification.