Producer Statement Authors

The Waikato Building Consent Group (WBCG), is made up of 8 councils that have a process in place where those wanting to issue Producer Statements can apply to be approved and added to the register on the Build Waikato website. This allows the successful applicant to issue producer statements that when submitted in support of a building consent will be approved by members of the WBCG providing the producer statement is in the correct form and has the requisite information. Our register is designed for trades and subject matter experts who may not have a Governing Body and/or are unable to attest to their competence through a registration system or the like.

The application process and register is managed and maintained for the WBCG by Build Waikato (Co-Lab Solutions).

A panel of experts (members) from across the WBCG assess each application to decide if the applicant has the appropriate experience and competence in their particular field of expertise to be a Producer Statement Author. If approved the applicant will be registered in the online register. Registration is renewed annually. A fee is applicable for each new and renewed registration.

What is a Producer Statement?

Here you will find information on Producer Statements 

Find a registered Producer Statement Author

Here you will find a register containing all the registered Producer Statement Authors in the Waikato Building Consent Group

Register as a Producer Statement Author

Here is where you can register as a Producer Statement Author in the Waikato Building Consent Group 

Registration Fees: 

Registration fee – $450 (one-off, fixed fee) 

Annual renewal fee $100 (per year)


Renew your Producer Statement Author registration

Here you can renew your current Producer Statement registration within the Waikato Building Consent Group