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The Waikato Building Consent Group Participating Councils

The Waikato Building Consent Group (WBCG) is a collaborative cluster of eight Councils in the Waikato region. The cluster is made up of the following Councils​:

The Waikato Building Consent Group

The Waikato Building Consent Group (WBCG) is a collaborative cluster of eight Councils in the Waikato region and is part of the Waikato Local Authority Shared Services Ltd, trading as Co-Lab The vision of the Group is to foster co-operation and consistency in building control functions, processes, and documentation in order to provide excellent and consistent customer service across the Waikato region.

How can we help you? The WBCG provides the application resources you need to assist you in applying for Building Consent with your local Council. These resources include things such as applications forms, applicant checklists and information on the Building Consent process. Build Waikato is our information platform that we share with you…

Build Waikato Resources

Here you will find tools available from Build Waikato to assist you in your Building Consent process. Please note that any application related to your Building Consent still needs to go directly to your local Council, Build Waikato is simply a resource library of forms, checklists and useful information for your project.

Got Questions ?

Not sure if the project you are planning requires a Building Consent? Click this link to MBIE’s Buildit website to find useful information on Building Consent requirements

Click the link here to Schedule 1 of the Building Act to see if your project is exempt from requiring a Building Consent

Ready to apply for your Building Consent but don’t know how? Click on this link to find out how – Apply for a Building Consent 

If your local Council accepts paper or email applications then it is important that you use the correct forms for the Building Consent application process. These forms are called “Prescribed Forms” click this link to access information and the correct forms to download for your application – Application forms and checklists 

If your local Council accepts online applications only then the forms are electronic and are available via their online systems. There is no need to download the prescribed forms.

All completed forms need to be sent into your local Council. You could be requested to complete forms for a number of reasons during the Building Consent process but they all need to go back to Council that is issuing or has issued your Building Consent.