Alphabetical List of Building Related Topics

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About Us - Services, Functions & Resources (Information)

Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods

Access & Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (Information)

Access Controlled Doors (SS3/2 - Form)

Additions and/or Alterations (under Dwelling Projects)

Air Conditioning Systems (SS9/2 - Form)

Alphabetical List of Forms & Checklists

Alteration and Change of Use (Information)

Alternative Solutions (MBIE - Information)

Amendment to Compliance Schedule 
(Application Form 11)

Amendments to Building Consents
(MBIE - Information)

Amusement Devices

Applicant Checklist

Application for Code Compliance Certificate

Application Forms and Checklists (Information)

Application Forms

Applying for a Building Consent (Information)

As Laid Drainage Plan
(Inspection Checklist - Template)

Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE - MFE information)

Audio Loops (SS12/1 - Form)

Australian Government National Water Commission

Automatic Back-flow Preventers (SS7 - Form)

Automatic Doors (SS3/1 - Form)

Automatic / Manual Emergency Warning Systems
(SS2 - Form)

Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression (SS1 - Form)

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Balustrades and Hand Rails 
(F4 - Safety from Falling - MBIE B. Code AS/VM)

Bathroom Facilities (under Minor Works)

Being a Climate Friendly Kiwi (BRANZ - Sustainability)

Being a Good Neighbour (HNZC - Fact Sheet)

Better Building Practise (Information)

Blocks, Beams, Columns and Tilt Slab (Inspection Checklist)

Booking Inspections (Information)

Books for the Building Trade (Online BRANZ shop)

Brick and Block Layers (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

BRANZ Levy and Building Levy (MBIE - Information)


Building Act 2004

Building Code

Building Consent

Building Industry Matters (Information)

Building Maintenance Units (SS10 - Form)

Building System Performance (a branch of MBIE)

Building Related Links (Information)

Building, Renovating and Home Maintenance (Consumer - Information)

Building Research Association of New Zealand

Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)

Business Support and Advice (Business - Information)

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Cable Cars (SS16 - Form)

Carpenters (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

Carports and Garages (under Outbuildings & Farm Buildings)

Case Studies on Sustainability

Certificate of Acceptance (COA)

Certificate of Design Work (COW)

Certificate of Title (LINZ - Information)

Certificate for Public Use (CPU)

Change of Use and Alterations

Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand

Citizens Advice Bureau

Cladding (Inspection Checklist)

Climate Change Information New Zealand

Coal Burners

Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

Codewords (MBIE - Information)

Commercial Buildings 

Compliance Schedule (CS) / Statement (CSS)


Complaints Process

Concerns and Complaints

Conservatories (under Dwelling Projects)

Consumer Protection / Rights and Obligations

Contact Us - Waikato Building Consent Group Cluster

Contaminated Land


Crimes Act 1961 (Giving false information on a Statutory Declaration is an offence - NZ Legislation)

Crossing  (Inspection Checklist - HCC only)

Customer Survey (Your Comments & Feedback are Important)

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Dairy Sheds

Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy (S131 B. Act 2004)

Decks, Balconies and Verandahs

Demolition, Removal or Resiting

Deposit of Survey Plans - Subdivision of Land
(LINZ -Guide)

Design (Architects, Designers and Engineers)

Determinations under the Building Act 
(MBIE - Information)

Development Contributions (Information)

Diagnosis of Leaky Buildings (MBIE - Guide)

Dispute Resolution

District Plan (Information)

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Do I need a Building Consent? (Information)

Do Your Home Work (MBIE - Brochure)

Drainage (under Plumbing & Drainage)

Drown Base

Duplexes (under Dwelling Projects)

Dwelling Projects

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Earthquake-Prone Buildings

Earthquake Resistance (Information)

Easy Guide to Eco-Building (BRANZ - Information)
Design, build and live with the environment

Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner

Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB - register)

Emergency Lighting Systems (SS4 - Form)

Emergency Power Systems (SS14/1 - Form)


Enforcement Powers of TA (S.229 B. Act 2004)

Engineering Associates Act 1961

Environmental Protection Authority

Escalator and Travelator (SS8/3 - Form)

Escape Route Pressurisation Systems (SS5 - Form)

Exempt Building Work or Low Risk Work

Examples of Minor and Major Variations / Amendments

Excavation, Siting & Foundation (Inspection Checklist)

Extension of Time

External Moisture (E2/AS1)

External Plasterers (MBIE Brochure)

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Facilities and Access for Persons with Disabilities

Farm and Implement Sheds - Note: excludes cowsheds (under Outbuildings & Farm Buildings)

Fees and Charges (Information)

Fences & Neighbours (Fact Sheet)


Final Inspection and CCC

Final Exits (SS15/2 - Form)

Fire Safety (Information)

FM Radio Frequency Systems and Infrared Beam Transmission System (SS12/2 - Form)

Food Regulations (Information)


Foundations (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

Free Business Training - Ethical work and life learning 
(Business Balls - Information)

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) & Glossary Terms

Fully Engineered Projects (Applicant Checklist - under Minor Works)

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Garages and Carports (under Outbuildings & Farm Buildings)

Get the right people for you project (MBIE - Information) 

Goat Sheds (under Cowsheds & Dairy Sheds)

Ground Work (under Minor Works i.e., other / fully engineered projects)


Guides for Homeowners (Build Waikato, BRANZ, Consumer,  IPENZ, MBIE, MFE - Information)

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Hazardous Substances / Dangerous Goods (Information)

Health and Safety

Heaters and Fireplaces

Heater and Solar

Herringbone Shed

Home (Waikato Building Consents)

Home Maintenance (Consumer - Information)

Homeowners (RBW Guide - MBIE)

Homeowner rights and obligations (MBIE website)

Housing New Zealand Corporation

How to apply for a building consent (S.45(3)(c) B. Act 2004)

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Illegal Work (non-exempted building work)

Implement Sheds - Note: excludes cowsheds (under Outbuildings & Farm Buildings)

Increasing Productivity (Information)

Independent Qualified Persons (IQP)

Infrastructure Technical Specifications (WDC - Engineering Standards Information)

Infringement Notice

Information Brochures (On building consents, other building projects & issues, planning & other matters)

Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand


Interfaced Fire or Smoke Door or Windows 
(SS3/3 - Form)


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Laboratory Fume Cupboards (SS11 - Form)

Land Information Memorandum (LIM - Information)

Land Information New Zealand

Lapse of Building Consent
(S.52 B. Act 2004)

Legislation, Standards and Guidance (Information)

Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP)

Lift Requirements (Information)

Living Sustainably

Local Government Bylaws

Low-Risk Work Guide (MBIE - Information)

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Maintaining Your Home (BRANZ - Books for Home Owners)

Major Amendment (Application Form and Guide)

Major Variation (MBIE - Examples)

Making changes to your plans (MBIE - minor/major variations)

Marquees (under Minor Works)

MBIE Building Levy (Building Controls Update No. 7)

Mechanical Ventilation (SS9/1 - Form)

Mechanical Smoke Control (SS13/1 - Form)


Ministry for the Environment

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Minor Amendment (Application Form and Guide)

Minor Variation Defined
(S.3 Building Regulations 2009)

Minor Variation (MBIE - Examples)

Minor Works

Mock Plans (Example)

Monolithic Cladding (Consumer - Weathertightness)

Multiproof Application Form (MBIE - Information)

Multiproof / NMUA (under Re-sited, Relocatable, Multiproof)

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National Environmental Standards for Air Quality
(Resource Management Regulations 2004)

National List of Authorised Wood Burners
(MFE - Information)

National Multiple-Use Approvals (NMUA -  Information)

Natural Smoke Control (SS13/2 - Form)

Neighbourhood Problems
(CAB - Information)

Neighbourhood Problem Solving
(NS - Fact Sheet)

New Zealand Green Building Council

New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS)

New Zealand Law Society

New Zealand Legislation

New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB Register)

NMUA / Multiproof (under Re-sited, Relocatable, Multiproof)

Notice of Owner-Builder

Notice to Fix

Notification Form - LBP

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Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 (S9 - NZ legislation)  

Other Building Projects and Issues (Information)

Outbuildings and Farm Buildings

Over the Fence...are your neighbours (Guides to the Law)

Owner-Builder, Agent, Architect, Designer, Developer,
Engineer, Industry & Manager

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Passenger Carrying Lifts (SS8/1 - Form)

Peer Review - Engineer (IPENZ - Information)

Pellet Burners (under Solid Fuel Heaters)

Permit to Operate Amusement Device 
(WORKSAFE - Information)

Planning Approval (Information)


Plumbing / Drainage

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 1976 (NZL)

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PGD Register)

Plumbing Pressure Test Memorandum (Form)

Pool Fencing (Information)

Pools and Spa Pools

Pools - 8500 & Act (Inspection Checklist)

Post-line  (Inspection Checklist)

Pre-line  (Inspection Checklist)

Pre-wrap / Structural Framing  (Inspection Checklist)

Procedure for obtaining CS (S.102A B. Act 2004)


Producer Statement (PS)

Products / Appliance (Sustainable)

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

Project Management

Protection from fire FAQs (MBIE - Information)

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Record of Work

Relevant BRANZ Study Reports & Surveys for housing

Relocation e.g., of a house, office, garage
(under Re-site / Relocation / Multiproof)

Registered Architects

Registered Engineering Associate

Registers of Designers and Tradespeople (Information)

Regulatory Impact Statements (MPI website)

Request 2nd Hand Building Inspection / Report 
(Application Form and Guide)

Resource Consent (Information)

Resource Efficiency in Building and Related Industries (REBRI is found on the BRANZ website)

Resource Management


Restricted Building Work

Right People for the Job (MBIE - Information)

Riser Mains for Use by Fire Services (SS6 - Form)

Risk Manage (Hazardous Substances - WORKSAFE)

Risks from Contaminated Land
(MFE - Information)

ROW (Building) & COW (Design) 
(MBIE - Codewords Issue 62)

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Sanitary Facilities (Information)

Safety protection of intended public use of premises (S363 B. Act 2004)

Secure a contract - Homeowners (MBIE - Information)

Service Lifts (SS8/2 - Form)

Signs (Information)

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Curtains (SS13/3 - Form)

Smoke Separations (SS15/5 - Form)

Solar Association of New Zealand

Solar Installation (Information)

Solar Water Heating/Heaters

Specified Systems (FAQ - Information)

Stage Consents and when it can be used (FAQ - Information)

Standards (Information)

State Highway Projects (NZTA  - Information)

Statutory Declaration - (MBIE - Form 2B)

Structural Design (Information)

Surveying Services Ltd

Sustainable Buildings (Extensive information & development)

Swimming Pool Fencing

Systems for Communicating Spoken Information Intended to Facilitate Evacuation (SS15/1 - Form)

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Time in which BCA must decide whether to issue CCC
(S93 B. Act 2004)

Trade Waste (Information)

Transport Agency New Zealand

Trees & Power Lines (EGCC - Fact Sheet)

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Use by the Public (Information)

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Vehicle Crossing

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Water Connection (Information)

Water Connection Application Forms (Supplied by your Local Council)

Water Safety New Zealand

Water, Waste Water, Trade Waste & Stormwater (Information)


Website Disclaimer

When CS must be issued (S.102 B. Act 2004)

What is Restricted Building Work? (Information)

Wind Zones & Sea Spray Zones 

Window Association of New Zealand

Window Energy Efficiency Rating System (WEERS - Coordinated by WANZ)

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Yellow Pages -

Your Local Council (Contact Details)

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