Building Fees and Charges                                 

Building Consent fees and charges are individually set by each Council in the Waikato Building Consent Group. Further information on fees and charges is available through the links below, or by contacting the Building Unit of your local Council.

Building Consent fees are set at a level intended to cover the actual or likely costs incurred by Council in determining compliance with the Building Act 2004 and the New Zealand Building Code. Fees are reviewed annually and adjusted to reflect the likely costs. Building Consent fees are intended to cover the administration, technical processing and inspections costs associated with each Building Consent application. Additional costs may also arise as a result of the application requiring a peer review by specialist consultants or a specialist from the New Zealand Fire Service. 

Fees and Charges Components                                                                                                                   

The building consent fees are made up of the following:

  • Administration fees: photocopying, microfilming or scanning
  • Certificate of Title (if one has not been provided by the applicant)
  • Processing fees (time based)
  • Inspection fees (type, number and time based)
  • Code Compliance Certificate fees
  • Compliance Schedule fees
  • BCA accreditation fees
  • BRANZ Levy - $1.00 per $1,000 of the project value for buildings $20,000 and over
  • Building Performance (MBIE) Levy - $2.01 per $1,000 of the project value for buildings $20,000 and over
  • Insurance Costs
  • Crossing / roading charges
  • Connections / disconnections to services
  • Backflow inspections or CCTV surveys of waste or storm water pipes

Planning Department fees that are collected along with the building consent fees include:

A full list of fees payable is available on the Building Consent Application Form, and fees applicable to your project will be itemised on the Building Consent. 

Payment of Fees

  • Standard fees (or fixed fees) for Building Consent applications are project based and are payable at the time of application. Project based fees make it easier for you to ascertain your full fees payable for a certain category of building, such as a single level dwelling (the same fee is applicable regardless of size).  
  • Inspection fees, and Building Industry levies are payable at the end of Building Consent processing. The owner / agent will be invoiced and any outstanding fees must be paid prior to the Building Consent being granted and issued.   
  • Additional costs which are in excess of standard fees are charged on the basis of recorded time spent on the application, and other costs, such as travel and general administration where applicable. 
  • For non-standard projects and further information regarding Building Consent fees please contact the Building Unit of your local Council.

What Causes Additional Costs?

Building projects can vary greatly in both the number of inspections and the length of time various types of inspections take. Variables that affect inspection costs include:

  • How the job is organised. For example, building work on steep slopes might require two or more foundation inspections. 
  • Staged jobs may require a separate range of inspections for each stage. Jobs that progress very slowly without good communication with the Building Officers can create additional inspections because of the need to check progress.
  • Complexity and/or the materials used. Complexity can add to the time on-site and the number of inspections. For example, coated face claddings can typically increase the number of inspections needed. 
  • Simple buildings such as sheds or garages that are lined or have plumbing and firewalls. This adds to inspection work. 
  • Builder competency. Some builders need more advice and direction than others and this may result in more time being spent on-site, adding to costs. 
  • Re-inspection. Not being ready for a pre-booked inspection or failing an inspection will mean that the work needs to be re-inspected.
    Costs can also vary by:
  • The number of amendments. Amendments add costs as they each have to be formally lodged, checked and approved and may also require additional inspections to be completed.
  • In our experience, applicants may undervalue the work proposed. The value given is used to update the value of improvements of your property, which prospective purchasers refer to. Rates are unaffected as they are based on unimproved value.
    It is possible to have a great deal of variation in costs which are very difficult to predetermine. Actual costs will be invoiced.

See also Increasing Productivity - Better Building Practise.

Withdrawing your building consent

You may withdraw your Building Consent application at any time prior to granting. If there are fees that are outstanding for the work which the council has already done, an invoice will be sent to the applicant or agent, depending on who the nominated debtor is. Likewise, you may be eligible for a partial refund of fees paid.

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