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All the Councils in the Waikato Building Consent Group use these checklists. They are also available for you to download and use for FREE. To open the PDF documents you will need Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from the Adobe website.

If you require assistance in selecting the correct application form or checklist please contact the Building Unit of your local Council. Building Regulations require that building forms must NOT differ in content, and order of content, to the prescribed forms (see Building (Forms) Regulations 2004 (S6))

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Processing Checklists.

See also Processing a Building Consent.

Producer Statements

(checklist and templates)

Certificates of Design Work


Why use these checklists?

These checklists are a  'ready reckoner' available for you to use as part of your own quality checks to ensure all the required work is compliant with the approved Building Consent documents. 

You can:

  • Save time for yourself and Council by checking  that your plans are  ready to submit as all items on the checklist must be compliant with the approved Building Consent documentation (plans and specifications).

  • Save money by being prepared through minimising additional costs and time delays. Check that any required documentation is accurate and complete.

  • Prepare for legislative changes such as Risk Based Consenting by developing your own quality system.
    Mitigate your risk of liability by preparing now. See Increasing Your Productivity.
  • If you are providing a Producer Statement please check that you have provided adequate information. Your Producer Statement will be checked against the Producer Statement Checklist. If this information has not been provided, your Producer Statement will be rejected until you provide all the required information. Save time, save money, get it right the first time, and get it right every time!

The Checklists

To SAVE the completed form for your project records, use the following instructions:

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  1. File, Save As, then go to step 3; OR
  2. File, Print, then select CutePDF Writer (or Adobe PDF) as the Printer; then Print, then go to step 3
  3. Name the file. Use the project street name or the client's name and the date,  e.g., Anywhere St 2012-11-02
  4. Select the folder in your computer to save the file to
  5. Select Save

NOTE: If you are using chrome to access the interactive forms you need to wait about 30 - 40 seconds until you see the text fields turn grey, then they become responsive and you can type in the fields.  The forms download properly in internet explorer, but for some unknown reason chrome downloading of the forms has started to play up.

MS Word 10 (471kb) Interactive (212kb)

Wood, coal or pellet burners

MS Word 10  (276kb) Interactive (143kb)


Minor Works (PDF 226kb)

Bathroom facilities, level access showers, retaining walls, decks & verandas, marquees, signs (>3m), other / fully engineered projects

MS Word 10 (432kb) Interactive (189kb)


Garages, carports, farm & implement sheds,
EXCLUDING cowsheds

MS Word 10 (346kb) Interactive (166kb)


Commercial  (PDF 287kb)

New comm. & industrial buildings, additions & alterations, apartment complex's, horizontal fire separations

MS Word 10 (578kb) Interactive (217kb)

Also CHECK Compliance Schedule Details (supplied with application).  These should be on the new forms - a separate form for each kind of specified system.

Recent Legislative changes 2013.
There have been changes made to the acceptable solution C Protection from fire  for existing buildings for which more information may be required.
Check out MBIE website and guidance on Protection from Fire (C/AS1-C/AS7 Information Sheet). Please ensure that if you plan to alter an existing commercial building that you have provided a Fire Philosophy that meets the requirements of this guidance.
( Building Score Sheet taken from the guidance document)


Plumbing & Drainage (PDF 166kb)

Residential & Minor Commercial

MS Word 10 (311kb) Interactive (154kb)

MS Word 10 (301kb) Interactive (301kb)

Re-site / Relocate / Multiproof (PDF 196kb)

House, office, garage, re-piling, MBIE multi-proof  

MS Word 10 (365kb) Interactive (172kb)


Rotary or herringbone construction methods

MS Word 10  (368kb) Interactive (172kb) 



Producer Statement Checklist (PDF 77kb) 

Interactive PDF (243kb)

NOTE: Interactive word templates of these checklists are available to BCAs upon request.


Compliance Doc E2 - 2.4 Cladding finish colours
Finish colours for flush-finished fibre cement sheet and EIFS shall have a reflectivity of 40% or more when measured in accordance with ASTM C1549.  Dark colours cause claddings to reach higher temperatures, which results in more thermal expansion and a greater risk of cracking of joints in monolithic wall claddings. Risks of cracking are also associated with dark colours on painted timber wall claddings and trim. Expansion of metal roofing and flashings are affected by dark colours. Colour cards from some coating manufacturers may include reflectance values.

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Producer Statements & Certificates of Design Work 

If you are providing Producer Statements or Memoranda during, or at the end of, construction, please check that the document provides adequate information and that the author is on Waikato Building Consent Group register, or other appropriate register e.g., Registers of Designers and Tradespeople.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that they have employed people who are suitably qualified or licensed, and who are competent to do the work for which they are employed. 

All Producer Statements or Memoranda will be checked against the Producer Statement / Memoranda Checklist (see next section).  If this information has not been provided, your Producer Statement / Memoranda will be rejected until you provide all the required information.

The following templates can be used if you are submitting Producer Statements or Memoranda.  These templates contain all the required information of a Producer Statement. The Producer Statements that an IPENZ member produces are available from the IPENZ website. These are interactive PDF's, and are copyrighted to IPENZ, ACENZ and NZIA.       

Alternatively, below are some templates that you can personalise. If you are using a personal template, please ensure you check your template against the Producer Statement Checklist to ensure all the required information has been provided. 

  • Producer Statement Checklist (PDF 64kb)    Interactive (IPDF 178kb)    Word 2010 (105kb)
  • PS 1 Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb)
  • PS 2 Template  (PDF 29kb)    Word 2010  (60kb)
  • PS 3 or Memorandum Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb) 
    • PS3 is a Producer Statement given by the tradesperson to the designer stating that they have completed construction according to the designers plans.
    • A Memorandum of Completion and Compliance is usually given by someone who has installed a building product or system to the Council stating that the construction meets compliance requirements. For example, waterproofing under a shower.
    • Please note: the information required is the same as that of a PS3, therefore we have provided a template that can be used for either purpose.
  • PS 4 Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb)
    Producer Statements for Construction Monitoring (PS4). For some projects that involve Specific Design (rather than acceptable solutions) or for projects that are very complex, the Building Consent Authority (BCA) may have requested that the Engineer (or Architect) provide a Producer Statement for construction monitoring (PS4). The BCA will use these statements in their decisions around compliance of the construction with the approved plans and specifications.

See also the MBIE Guidance on the use of Certificates of Work, Producer Statements and Design Features reports for Chartered Professional Engineers.

For Restricted Building Work you must use the form prescribed under the Building Act, or the MBIE form:

If you have provided a PS1 for the design work, you also need to provide a Certificate of Design Work (COW) -  see above.

If you have provided a PS4 for the supervision of Restricted Building Work, you also need to provide a Record of Work (ROW) - see above. 

Record of Work (ROW) - at the completion of the construction project a Record of Work ( form) must be provided by all licensed building practitioners who carried out or supervised any work that is restricted building work.  For more information, go to Licensed Building Practitioner page.


If you require assistance in selecting the correct application form or checklist, please contact the Building Unit of your local Council.

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