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Make sure you have the correct form(s) for the project, and complete all sections of the form - write NA if a field is NOT applicable.

Further information about the forms are found on pages below:

Application Forms & Checklists

Building Forms

Applicant Checklists

MUST be submitted with 
BC Form 2

Processing Checklists

Inspection Checklists

List of Building Forms


Additions / Alterations (under Dwelling Projects)

Amend a Compliance Schedule (Application Form 11)

Amusement Device (Permit to Operate / Registration - MBIE)

Amusement Device Permit

Applicant Checklists (Application for a building consent)

Application forms: 

As Laid Drainage Plan (template)

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Bathroom Facilities (under Minor Works - Applicants Checklist)

BC application (Form 2 - SUBMIT with Applicant Checklist)

Blocks, Beams, Columns & Tilt Slab (Inspection Checklist)

Brick and Block layers (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

Building Consent (Application Form 2)
Note: SUBMIT with the relevant Applicant Checklist(s)

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Carpenters (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

Carports / Garages (under Outbuildings and Farm Buildings)

CCC application (Form 6)
Note: if Restricted Building Work (RBW), please provide all relevant Records of Work (ROW)

CCC Decision & File Checklist (Inspection Checklist)

Certificate for Public Use (Application Form 15)

Certificate of Acceptance (Application Form 8)

Certificate of Design Work (Memorandum Form 2a)

Cladding (Inspection Checklist)

Coal Burners (under Solid Fuel Heaters)

Code of Compliance Certificate (Application Form 6)
Note: if Restricted Building Work (RBW), please provide all relevant Records of Work (ROW)

Commercial Buildings

  • Applicant Checklist
  • Processing Checklist
  • PLEASE NOTE Recent Legislative changes 2013
    • There have been changes made to the acceptable solution C Protection from fire  for existing buildings for which more information may be required.
    • Check out MBIE website and guidance on Protection from Fire (C/AS1-C/AS7 Information sheet).
    • Please ensure that if you plan to alter an existing commercial building that you have provided a Fire Philosophy that meets the requirements of this guidance. ( Building Score Sheet taken from the guidance document)

Conservatories (under Dwelling Projects)


Crossing (HCC only - Inspection Checklist)

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Dairy Sheds

Decks (under Minor Works)

Demolition or Removal

Designers (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

Drainage (under Plumbing & Drainage)

Drainage Plan (As Laid - template)

Duplexes (under Dwelling Projects - Applicant Checklist)

Dwelling Projects

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Excavation, Siting & Foundation (Inspection Checklist)

Exempt Building Work (Schedule 1 - MBIE Guidance)

Extension of time (Application Form)

External Plasterers (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

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Farm / Implement Sheds (under Outbuildings & Farm Buildings)
Applicant Checklist - Note: excludes cowsheds



Foundations (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

Fully Engineered Projects (under Minor Works - Applicants Checklist)

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Garages / Carports (under Outbuildings & Farm Buildings)

Goat Sheds (under Cowsheds / Dairy Sheds)

Ground Work (under Minor Works i.e., other / fully engineered projects)

Guidance (for Application Form Guide for Building Consent)

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Heater / Solar 

Herringbone Shed (under Cowsheds / Dairy Sheds)

Homeowners (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

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Implement Sheds (under Outbuildings and Farm Buildings)
Note: excludes cowsheds

Information Brochures 
About building consents, other building projects & issues, planning & other matters

Inspection Checklists

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LBP Notification Form

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Major Amendment = BC application
Please provide the relevant applicant checklist(s) also

Marquees (under Minor Works)


Minor Amendment (Application form)

Minor Works

Mock Plans (an example)

Multi-Proof / NMUA (under Re-sited, Relocatable, Multi-Proof - Applicant Checklist)

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Notice of Owner Builder (Prescribed Form 2c)

Notification form - LBP

NMUA / Multi-Proof (under Re-sited, Relocatable, Multi-Proof)

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Outbuildings and Farm Buildings

Owner-Builder Exemption - Statutory Declaration (Prescribed Form 2B)

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Pellet Burners (under Solid Fuel Heaters)

PIM (Project Information Memorandum)
Applicant checklist

PIM application (Form 2)

Plumbing /  Drainage 

Plumbing Pressure Test (Memorandum)

Pools and Spa Pools 

Pools (8500),  Pools (ACT),  (Pools and Spa Pools - Inspection Checklist)

Post-line (Inspection Checklist)

Pre-line (Inspection Checklist)

Pre-wrap / Structural Framing (Inspection Checklist)

Processing Checklists  

Producer Statement Checklist (form)

Producer Statement of Construction (PS3)

Producer Statement of Construction Review (PS4)

Producer Statement of Design (PS1)

Producer Statement of Design Review (PS2)

Producer Statement Templates....

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Record of Work (Memorandum - Form 6a)

Relocation e.g., of a house, office, garage (under Re-site / Relocate / Multi-Proof)

Removal or Demolition 

Repiling (under Re-site / Relocate / Multi-Proof)

Request for a second hand building inspection / report (form)

Re-site / Relocate / Multi-Proof 

Restricted Building Work Guidance

  • Architects, Designers & Engineers  (MBIE Guide)
  • Brick & Block layers                         (MBIE Guide)
  • Carpenters                                       (MBIE Guide)
  • External Plasterers                          (MBIE Guide)
  • Foundations                                     (MBIE Guide)
  • Homeowners                                   (MBIE Guide)
  • Roofers                                            (MBIE Guide)

Retaining Walls (under Minor Works)

Rotary Shed (under Cowsheds / Dairy Sheds)

Roofers (RBW Guidance Brochure - MBIE)

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Schedule 1 - exempt building work

Second Hand Building Inspection / report (request for)

Showers - level access (under Minor Works)

Signs (under Minor Works)

Sleep-Outs (under Dwelling Projects)

Solar installations: Heating Panels / Cylinders  / voltaic panels 

Solid Fuel Heaters 

Spa Pools 

Statutory Declaration as to Owner Builder status (Form 2b - MBIE)

Sub-floor / Pre-floor (Inspection Checklist)

Swimming Pools (under Pools and Spa Pools)

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Trade Waste applications

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Vehicle Crossing application form
(HCC only) - from HCC website

Verandahs (under Minor Works - applicant checklist)

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Water Connection applications


Wood Burners (under Solid Fuel Heaters)

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