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All the Councils in the Waikato Building Consent Group use these documents, and they can be collected from your local Council. They are also available for you to download and use for FREE.

To open the PDF documents you will need Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from: the Adobe website.  

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Building Forms 

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Applicant's Checklists

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Processing Checklists

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Inspection Checklists

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Producer Statements & Memoranda 

Plans & Specifications

Notes about the level of detail required when submitting plans

Amusement Devices

Fairground rides and other amusement devices - registration and permits


Restricted Building Work requirements 

If you apply for a building consent or a major amendment to an existing building consent after 1 March 2012, the practitioners you use must be correctly licensed to carry out the work. Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) include:

  • Designers,
  • Carpenters,
  • Roofers,
  • External Plasterers,
  • Brick and Blocklayers and 
  • Foundations specialists.


Professional Engineers, Architects, Plumbers and Gasfitters are treated as LBPs and can carry out some restricted Building work. More information ....

Building Forms - BC/PIM, CCC, COA, COW, CS, CPU, LBP, ROW

Other form shortcuts  - Applicant Checklist, Major Amendment, Notice of Owner-Builder, As Laid Drainage Plan, Minor Amendment, Extension of Time, Request for 2nd Hand Building Inspection, Vehicle Crossing
Either print the form and fill it in with a pen OR
Fill in the form on screen and then print it . To SAVE the completed form for your project records, use the following instructions

  1. File, Save As, then go to step 3; OR
  2. File, Print, then select CutePDF Writer (or Adobe PDF) as the Printer; then Print, then go to step 3
  3. Name the file. Use the project street name or the client's name and the date,  e.g., Anywhere St 2013-09-02
  4. Select the folder in your computer to save the file to
  5. Select Save

NOTE: Documents with the word "draft" currently under review but still good to use.






Applicant Checklist

link to checklists



  • Specific to each building project i.e., dwelling checklist for residential projects
  • Designers - check all information is provided
  • Missing information causes delays (an incomplete application can NOT be accepted for lodgement)
  • Check your application before submitting to Council

Building Consent - Form 2 

PDF  (299kb)     

Interactive PDF  (644kb)

Note: SUBMIT with an 
applicants checklist



MAJOR Amendment - Form 2 

BC Application form (above)


BC GUIDE - see above

Certificate of Work (CoW) -
Form 2A 

Prescribed Form (Form 02A)  / MBIE form

(interactive PDF's - FREE to download / word form via MBIE site)


Build it Right


LBP Notification

PDF (105kb)    

Interactive PDF (142kb)


LBP scheme

  • Applies to ALL Restricted Building Work projects
  • Best case scenario is to supply all names and details at BC application
  • If not, trade LBP's details must be supplied BEFORE construction begins
  • NO inspections will be booked until ALL LBP's details are supplied
  • LBP licensing details are checked by the BCA (allow 1-2 days)
  • Use this also if the trade LBP's for your project change during construction

Notice of Owner-Builder -
Form 2C

link to Prescribed form 
(Owner-Builder exemption Form 02C)

Statutory Declaration - Form 2B

this Prescribed form (Form 2B - need to accompany the owner-builder exemption form)



  • For Owner Builders carrying out Restricted Building Work on their own home
  • Statutory Declaration (form 02b) must accompany this form
  • Forms must be completed BEFORE construction begins
  • Use when a homeowner starts using the Owner-Builder Obligations
  • Use when a homeowner stops using the exemption

Record of Work (RoW) - Form 6A

link to MBIE form (S88 B.Act2004 
(Interactive PDF form)

RBW Changes

As Laid Drainage Plan

PDF (PDF 77kb)
(takes a few seconds to come up)

  • Drainlayers - use this gridded template to provide plans of how drains have been laid out

MINOR Variations

PDF (128kb)

Interactive PDF (162kb) 


BC GUIDE - see above

CCC - Code Compliance Certificate - Form 6

PDF (152kb)  

Interactive PDF (396kb)


Inspections & Certification INFORMATION

  • Must apply for this as soon as practicable after completion of project
  • If Restricted Building Work (RBW), must supply all Records of Work (ROW) with the CCC application (Building Act 2004, 92(2A))
  • Ideally, completion of work takes place within 2 years of BC application, or an extension of time is required
  • Tell Council if the ownership, or the legal description, of a property has changed since BC was granted
  • Read section on "Final Inspection and Code Compliance Certificate" (also in flyer at left)

Certificate of Acceptance -
Form 8

PDF (174kb)

Interactive PDF (424kb) 



  • Applies to circumstances where urgent building work is to be carried out (to protect lives, or prevent serious damage to property)
  • Applies to circumstances where a previous owner has carried out building work without a Building Consent
  • Has similarities to a CCC re providing verification that specified building work complies with the Building Code
  • See MBIE website about Issuing COA for further information, and clarification

Compliance Schedule Amendment -
Form 11

PDF (111kb)  

Interactive PDF (139kb)




  • Occurs where an amendment to the specified systems (safety & health) within a building is made through:
    • a building consent application
    • building owners request
    • territorial authority (Council) decision
    • IQP, or LBP, suggestion
  • Applicable under the Building Act 2004, 102 & 102A

New Compliance Schedule

PDF (106kb)

Interactive PDF (145kb)

Note: SUBMIT with Compliance Schedule Details Form(s)




  • Occurs where the owner wishes to install new specified systems (safety & health) but a building consent is not required as no building work is being carried out:
  • Applicable under the Building Act 2004, 102A

Certificate for Public Use -
Form 15

PDF (135kb)   

Interactive PDF (263kb)


Public access during a

Certificate for Public Use INFORMATION

  • Certifies that premises affected by building work are safe for members of the public
  • Only applies where a BC consent has been granted, but CCC has not yet been issued
  • Is likely to involve some form of inspection
  • An owner of a building is still expected to apply for CCC after building work completion
  • Read also Certificate for Public Use page

Extension of Time

PDF (127kb)  

Interactive PDF (153kb) 


Extension of Time INFORMATION

Request for 2nd Hand
Building Inspection or

PDF (103kb)  

Interactive PDF (153kb)


Demolition, Removal or Re-siting INFORMATION

  • You must apply for building consent BEFORE a building can be moved
  • A second hand building needs to be inspected BEFORE you apply for a BC
  • If considering buying a second hand building, and moving it, it must be inspected before being moved
  • See Demolition, Removal, Re-siting page

Vehicle Crossing

(HCC only)


Vehicle Crossing

Application: Confirm or Exempt

PDF (96kb)

Interactive PDF (146kb)

  • If you are unsure if the proposed work is exempt under Schedule 1, you can apply to have it checked by your council thus avoiding illegal building work or perhaps the need for a consent.
  • In certain circumstances work that should require a building consent can be granted an exemption.

Request to Record Exempt
Building Work on Property File

(TCDC only)

PDF (114kb)

Interactive PDF (129kb)

  • Not all Councils provide this service.
  • Please check with your Council before submitting the form.

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Important Notes 

  • New Online Record of Work and Certificate of Work forms now available for LBPs: LBPs are now able to complete Record of Work (ROW) and Certificate of Work (COW) forms online.  The new functionally was introduced on 2 November 2015.  Read more.

  • Responsibility: Please refer to Owner's and Designer's responsibilities. Be clear about your expectations early in the design stage of your project and thus save yourself money, time and frustration. 

  • District Plan approval: Before applying for a Building Consent, please check with the Planning Department of your local Council as to whether or not you will need to apply for a Resource Consent at the same time as applying for your Building Consent, and if you will need to pay Development Contributions. Plan ahead, and be aware of the expenses that could be incurred.

  • Waipa District Council: Development Contribution Information Form: Please complete this form for any non-residential development (i.e. commercial, industrial, retail developments). It is very important that the Waipa District Council have this information at the front end of the process before you lodge an application for a Building Consent or a Land Use Consent, in case there are any issues.

  • Hamilton City Council: Please provide 2 sets of plans and specifications. For projects worth  $10,000 or more please supply a third floor plan. A Pre-Application meeting prior to lodging the application is also required. Please contact us and book an appointment. This meeting is to discuss the information that will be required with your application, so it is important that someone who can understand the technical terminology is present.

  • Matamata-Piako District Council: Please provide 2 sets of plans and specifications, and an extra floor and site plan. Please contact us to check whether a pre-application meeting is required.


Trade Waste

For information about trade waste requirements and application forms, see Water, Waste Water, Trade Waste & Stormwater page.



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Applicant's Checklists

Either print the form and fill it in with a pen OR
Fill in the form on screen and then print it . To SAVE the completed form for your project records, use the following instructions:

  1. File, Save As, then go to step 3; OR
  2. File, Print, then select CutePDF Writer (or Adobe PDF) as the Printer; then Print, then go to step 3
  3. Name the file. Use the project street name or the client's name and the date,  e.g., Anywhere St 2013-09-02
  4. Select the folder in your computer to save the file to
  5. Select Save

NOTE: Documents with the word "draft" currently under review but still good to use.

These checklists are designed to help you and your designer know what information and documents need to be provided with your application. Please make sure your designer gets a copy of the appropriate checklist(s). If this information is not provided, your application will be rejected or put on hold. We will not be able to lodge or process your application until this information is received.  

How to fill in the checklist

  1. Tick if you have supplied the requested item. If the item is not relevant to the project tick the NA box (Not applicable).
  2. For PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS, please record the page number for each requested item. Page numbers are ONLY required for information on the PLANS or in the SPECIFICATIONS. For example, plans p5 5, Specs pg 20
  3. For large plans or specifications: put the page number OR range of relevant pages e.g. pg 40 - 60.   
  4. For all other documents that are not part of the plans, or not included in the specifications, put NA in the page number box. 
  5. At the bottom of the checklist write the project's location (address) 
  6. Write your name clearly, then sign and date the document

Please Note: if you are applying for a Building Consent at Hamilton City Council or Matamata-Piako District Council, you will need to provide 3 copies of your floor plans with your application.

The Checklists

Dwelling Projects (PDF 153kb)

Interactive PDF (836kb) 
New dwellings, sleep-outs, alterations and / or additions, conservatories, change of building use to habitable, duplexes.

Solid Fuel Heaters  (PDF 121kb)

Interactive PDF (303kb) 
Wood, coal, or pellet burners.

Minor Works  (PDF 132kb)

Interactive PDF (924kb) 
Bathroom facilities, level access showers, retaining walls, decks & verandahs, marquees, signs (>3m), other / fully engineered projects.

Outbuildings & Farm Buildings  (PDF 138kb)

Interactive PDF (452kb)
Garages, carports, farm & implement sheds (excluding cowsheds)

Plumbing and Drainage  (PDF 126kb)

Interactive PDF (282kb)
Residential & Minor Commercial.

Solar Installations (PDF 125kb)
Interactive PDF (288kb)
Solar panels (voltaic), solar water heating panels / cylinders.

Re-sited / Relocatable / Multi-Proof  (PDF 144kb) 

Interactive PDF (432kb)
House, office, garage, repiling, MBIE multi-proof (NMUA)

Pools and Spa Pools  (PDF 126kb)

Interactive PDF (337kb) 
Swimming pools, spa pools, pools capable of holding 400mm depth of water.

Cowsheds  / Dairy Sheds (PDF 143kb)

Interactive PDF (369kb)
Rotary & herringbone construction methods.

Interactive PDF (294kb)
BC is required if >3 storeys, or if not a stand-alone building.


Compliance Schedule Details Form

Please note Form LG-11 has been retired, as it did not meet BCA regulation requirements.
Please use the new forms available via the link above.

Commercial Buildings  (PDF 162kb)

Interactive PDF  (487kb)
New commercial & industrial buildings, additions and alterations, apartment complex's, horizontal fire separations. Details of the specified systems (safety systems) must be provided as well. This must include the performance standards and the proposed inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for the specified safety systems. See the Compliance Schedule Details Forms. If this is not provided, the application cannot be lodged for processing. 

Recent Legislative changes 2013 - 2014. There have been changes made to the acceptable solutions C Protection from fire for existing buildings for which more information may be required. Please ensure that if you plan to alter an existing commercial building that you have provided a Fire Philosophy that meets the requirements of recent guidance.


Note: Trade waste application should be made at this time. See information and application links for each council.  If not applied for at this time, it could result in costly rework to meet waste water requirements.

Managing your Quality Assurance

Use these checklists to help you and your staff manage the quality of your applications and project documentation.  Aim to provide complete, accurate and code compliant documentation  that requires no requests from Council for further information that could slow down the processing approval of your application.  Rework costs time and money for all involved.


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Producer Statements & Memoranda 

If you are providing Producer Statements or Memoranda during, or at the end of, construction, please check that the document provides adequate information and that the author is on the Waikato Building Consent Group register, or other appropriate register e.g., Registers of Designers and Tradespeople

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that they have employed people who are suitably qualified or licensed, and who are competent to do the work for which they are employed.

All Producer Statements or Memoranda will be checked against the Producer Statement / Memoranda Checklist (see next section). If this information has not been provided, your Producer Statement / Memoranda will be rejected until you provide all the required information.

The following templates (PS1 - PS4 below) can be used if you are submitting Producer Statements or Memoranda. These templates contain all the required information of a Producer Statement. The Producer Statements that an IPENZ member produces are available from the IPENZ website. These are interactive PDF's, and are copyrighted to IPENZ, ACENZ and NZIA.      

Alternatively, below are some templates that you can personalise. If you are using a personal template, please ensure you check your template against the Producer Statement Checklist to ensure all the required information has been provided. 

  • Producer Statement Checklist (PDF 64kb)    Interactive (IPDF 178kb)   Word 2010 (105kb)
  • PS 1 Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb)
  • PS 2 Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb)
  • PS 3 or Memorandum Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb) 
    • PS3 is a Producer Statement given by the tradesperson to the designer stating that they have completed construction according to the designers plans.
    • A Memorandum of Completion and Compliance is usually given by someone who has installed a building product or system to the Council stating that the construction meets compliance requirements. For example, waterproofing under a shower.
    • Please note: the information required is the same as that of a PS3, therefore we have provided a template that can be used for either purpose.
  • PS 4 Template  (PDF 29kb)   Word 2010  (60kb)
    Producer Statements for Construction Monitoring (PS4). For some projects that involve Specific Design (rather than acceptable solutions) or for projects that are very complex, the Building Consent Authority (BCA) may have requested that the Engineer (or Architect) provide a Producer Statement for construction monitoring (PS4). The BCA will use these statements in their decisions around compliance of the construction with the approved plans and specifications.

See also the MBIE Guidance on the use of Certificates of Work, Producer Statements and Design Features reports for Chartered Professional Engineers.

For Restricted Building Work you must use the form prescribed under the Building Act, or the MBIE form:

If you have provided a PS1 for the design work, you also need to provide a Certificate of Design Work (COW) -  see above.

If you have provided a PS4 for the supervision of Restricted Building Work, you also need to provide a Record of Work (ROW) - see above. 

Record of Work (ROW) - at the completion of the construction project a Record of Work (form) must be provided by all licensed building practitioners who carried out or supervised any work that is restricted building work. For more information, go to Licensed Building Practitioner page.   

If you require assistance in selecting the correct application form or checklist, please contact the Building Unit of your local Council.

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