Registers of Designers and Tradespeople

Some industry related legislation requires the registration of designers and tradespeople.  Registration is dependent on the applicant being able to prove their competency and /or qualifications to the organisation in charge of the register. 

It is the responsibility of the owner or their approved agent, commissioning a building project, to check the credentials of the people they employ to design or construct the building.  

Check that the person is legally allowed to carry out the work proposed - ask to see their registration card and check that their registration is current by looking them up on the appropriate register. It is also wise to check that there are no disciplinary actions being taken against them by the register. 

Even though a person may be on a register, it is still the owners / agents responsibility to check that the person is working within the scope of their registration.  If the register does not define the scope of work they are allowed to do, contact the person in charge of the register and get confirmation that the person you plan to employ is in fact approved to do this type of work. 

The following links are to registers that are required by legislation:

See also Waikato Building Consent Group - Producer Statements & Memoranda Register.

With regard to Restricted Building Work, chartered professional engineers, registered architects and certified plumbers are deemed to be licensed under the LBP scheme.

The Waikato Building Consent Group and its associated Councils are not responsible for the owner's or agent's choice of designers or tradespeople. Nor are they responsible for the accuracy of information provided by these public registers. If you have concerns or complaints about someone you have chosen from a register, contact the organisation in charge of the register. 

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General article on the LBP scheme
and restricted building work

See also "Choosing the Right Engineer" - an IPENZ publication, and the MBIE Guidance for engineers, designers, builders, BCA's and insurance companies on Certificates of Work, Producer Statements, and Design Features reports.

Laying a complaint

Before you start your building project there are things that you can do to avoid issues with the practitioners you employee:

  • Choose the right people for the job and that they hold the appropriate registration or license.
  • Have a clear contract (MBIE website) that sets out expectations of the parties involved.
  • Understand the  building consent process, and whether or not you need a building consent
  • Understand the responsibilities of all involved in the building project including yourself as the owner or owner’s agent. 
  • If you are building a residential dwelling then you also need to understand restricted building work and how this affects you.

You may be able to resolve the issue if you communicate with the person involved. Some good advice is given on the LBP site under complaints about dispute resolution options and how to do this. 

If this is unsuccessful then you do have the option to lay a complaint. Keep good records of the problem, and all communications. A complaint about a building practitioner must be made to the appropriate Board and the complaint must fall within one or more of the grounds for discipline defined in the legislation for that area of practice. All complaints must be in writing, on the appropriate form and be accompanied by proof supporting your claim.

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