Making Changes to the Approved Building Consent Documents

For all amendments it is important that the changes are approved in writing by the Owner and the Designer before submitting the altered plans to Council, and before any changes are made to the building. 

You need to check with your local Council as to whether or not Council approval is needed for these changes.  This depends on whether the change is minor or major. 

For examples of minor and major changes, go to the MBIE website. Also see  MBIE guide to amendments. 

If the change is considered: 

  • Minor:  all that may be required is a handwritten and signed letter saying what you plan to do, and a copy of the plans or specifications with these changes written / drawn on them. If the changes involve restricted building work you will also need to supply a Certificate of Design Work  from the  designer.

  • Major:  You will need to fill in a new Building Consent application and provide the associated plans and documentation (refer to Building Act, S45,4 (b).

Important Note: .

MAJOR amendments and Restricted Building Work - if you lodged your building consent application for a residential building before 1 March 2012, the project will not involve restricted building work either for the design or for the construction.  Click here to find out more about Restricted Building Work.

But after 1 March 2012, where the changes will involve restricted building work, iIf you want to make major amendments (changes) to your building consent, those changes will need to be designed by a design Licensed Building Practitioner, and the construction must be completed, or supervised, by trade Licensed Building Practitioners.  

For more information, see Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme.

So avoid complications to your project by being organised and prepared:

    • Talk with your designer, and check that they are licensed, in case you have to make changes to plans later on in the project. Check the registers here.
    • At the start of the project make sure that the trades people you engage are licensed, so that you do not have to change trades people if you change your plans. Check the registers here.

For more details, read information flyer here PDF (193kb).


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