Other Building Projects & Issues

Consent requirements and information on common building projects and issues.

For MBIE information about Multi Proofs and the National Multiple-Use Approvals please visit the Building System Performance branch of MBIE at www.building.govt.nz


Fairground rides and other amusement devices - registration and permits

Information about appropriate circumstances - for this application - to be made 
also see Do I Need a Building Consent?


            The Building Act 2004 requires that if a building owner intends to change the use of a building or 
            extend the life of the building - beyond its specified life - the Council must be notified in writing, before
            any work commences.


Information on Building Consent requirements, for commercial and industrial buildings


Commercial buildings must have an annual building warrant of fitness (BWOF), and a compliance schedule listing identified safety systems that ensure a building is safe and healthy.

See also IQP Register page


Information for buying or building on contaminated land.


Any deck, balcony or veranda that is greater than 1.5 metres in height, or where the fall is greater than 1.5 metres will require a Building Consent. 


If you intend to demolish or remove a building or structure - from your site, or re-site a building - you will require a Building Consent.  


New residential dwellings require a Building Consent 


Depending on the size of your project, fences and retaining walls may require one or a combination of Building Consents.


Buildings that are all classed as 'minor works' - separate from the single dwelling - are used for a different purpose. 


Hazardous Substances or Dangerous Goods - whether used in private homes or commercial activities - must be stored, used and disposed of correctly. 


Check out the Building Consent requirements for fireplaces and free-standing heaters 


What is a LIM report, what information is NOT included, and how do I get one?

Amendments must be made in writing and submit altered plans to Council before changes are made to the building. Amendments could be either minor, or major...


All swimming pools and spa pools must be fenced, and comply with fencing provisions


All new dwellings and consented alterations are now required to have smoke alarms installed 


Solar water heaters must meet the performance requirements of the NZ Building Code

Sustainable building means designing, constructing and operating buildings with low environmental impacts; whether building, or renovating...


The size and location of a vehicle crossing is controlled under the District Plan


Building, buying or maintaining your property, and information about addressing 'leaky homes'

Depending on the location of your property, wind zones and sea spray zones may need to be considered in an application for Building Consent.

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