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Within the Waikato region we have many important natural water resources that are used in our daily lives - whether at home, at work or at play. Your local Council is responsible for the water supply schemes that provide water to areas within their district. Check out the following links to the water pages of your local Council. 

You may be able to find information on:

  • water supply - connections, rural supply and water tanks
  • water treatment and quality - treatment process
  • water conservation - restrictions and tips
  • waste water (sewage) - collection, treatment and management
  • stormwater - connections and management, and how you can help 
  • trade waste - consents and bylaws

For further information on the water services and bylaws in your district please contact your local Council directly.

Water Connections

To apply for a water connection please click on the links below, or contact your local Council for further information:

Trade Waste                                             

Trade waste is any liquid that is discharged from a trade premises to a Council's wastewater system in the course of any trade or industrial process. Discharging trade waste to the wastewater system places an additional load on the system. To protect the wastewater system and the environment, Council needs the help of businesses, to provide trade waste that can be safely accepted and treated. Trade waste that is discharged directly into council wastewater systems without pre-treatment, can cause blockages, overflows, introduce hazardous substances which can be a health risk to the public and could discharge into a nearby storm-water drain, or river systems. For more information about the requirements of your Council and application forms see:

Additional Information

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Page last updated: 2017-03-30

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