Planning Approval  

Before embarking on a building project, check to see whether or not you will need approval from the Planning department of your local Council. Building projects must comply with the District Plan and the Resource Management Act. This section contains relevant information that may benefit your proposed building project during the planning stage. For further information please contact the Planning Unit of your local Council.


Information about the property that should be taken into account during the concept and design stages of your project.

Information on contributions payable on development or subdivisions to fund infrastructure as a result of growth. 

Information on rules and bylaws within your District if you are planning on building, sub-dividing or undertaking a new activity on your property. 

Information about getting permission (Resource Consent) if your building proposal does not comply with the rules of the District Plan, or is not a 'permitted activity'. 

  • Infrastructure Technical Specifications

The six neighbouring district councils, Waikato, Waipa, Hauraki, Matamata-Piako, Otorohanga and Waitomo are still utilising Hamilton City Council’s Development Manual. It is expected that a regional wide Infrastructure Technical Specification will be developed in the near future. Until then, Waikato District Council in 2014 adopted these specifications:






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